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The Buzz of Beyoncé, The Lessons of Lemonade

Everyone is obsessing over the buzz from Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album. Her latest audio visual work released at midnight on Sunday April 24, 2016. (FYI I coincidentally hosted a picnic that day at which Lemonade was the talk of the table!) This rampant obsession is not because of her overly clear message on love, respect for oneself, racial equality, or personal growth either. Instead, we just can't get enough of that enticing tea Beyoncé spilled that husband and fellow entertainer- Jay-Z- may have cheated on her.

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With a keen eye, you may notice a variation of symbolic images throughout the visual album. It boasts an assortment of beautiful women representing all ethnic backgrounds, love among individuals of different ages, genders and sexual orientations, costumes fashionably dated back to centuries ago, intricately decorated settings, and makeup artistry that reads of strength among various cultural groups. You may even notice the mothers of sons slain at the hands of the police- Sybrina Fulton, Lezley McSpadden, and Gwen Carr. These women all shared the heartbreaking grief of losing their sons to racial profiling and brutality. In this visual documentation, they were featured alongside Beyoncé herself to spread awareness of the inequality within our legal and justice system for the sake of their children- Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. However, all the naked eye can see in this film is scandal.


While this is an interesting topic and certainly up for discussion, Beyoncé's latest album is not just about cheating. It is about how to deal with a broken heart, repair a home and family, respect yourself, cope with pain, and recover from loss. However, the commercialized artist has been pulled into a superficial realm of tabloid conversation as the world tries to figure out if Jay-Z cheated, when he cheated, and with whom?


I personally do not care to know the gory details. Having listened to the lyrics intently, I simply understand. I empathize with the feelings she expressed in her "Lemonade" album having been through betrayal in a marriage myself. And to be honest, it is quite obvious she experienced an extreme level of pain in her relationship. Some incident had to have driven the Queen Bey to scream out these words, "This is your final warning, Try that ish again, you gon' lose your wife!". A self respecting woman like Bey wouldn't be throwing out empty words as such without the passion to back it up. She doesn't let out much in her interviews as we know, but we can all attest that her music always speaks her truth.


Now, I will never be the one to idolize another being but I have utmost respect for Bey and her expression of womanhood in her music. As a creative artist myself, I feel her passion and her pain. I can see God's love bursting through her and the brutal lessons that accompany it. I am touched by the melody of her soulful sounds and the diversity of her pro-peace movement. Her exhibition of self love and a quality of life is so very relatable to me. I ask that no one knock it until they truly indulge in it. Instead, lend your ear to the lessons of Lemonade and not just to the mainstream propaganda of loose speculation on Beyoncé's marriage. I gave "Lemonade" my undivided attention to capture the silent gems that live within this delectable beverage and realized once again that when life gives you lemons, you've gotta make the best damn lemonade you can!


Here are some words I've always lived by,spoken and sung by Queen Bey through the Lemonade Film. I am so thrilled to share...


"True love doesn't have to hide" -ALL NIGHT


"Stop interrupting my grinding." -SORRY


"She don't gotta give it up 'cause she's professional." -SIX INCH HEELS


"Nothing real can be threatened" -ALL NIGHT


"When did Love become elusive?"


"Too smart to crave materials things." -SIX INCH HEELS


"Daddy made a soldier out of me" -DADDY LESSONS


"I'd trade your broken wings for mine. I've seen your scars and kissed your cries." -ALL NIGHT


"I'm gon' keep on running because a winner don't quit on herself." -FREEDOM


"How do we lead our children to the future? Love. L-O-V-E. Love."


"Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper." -FORMATION



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