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Politics Can Be A Pain

17 Sep 2014


OMG... I don't know when and where I signed up to work in politics but here I am!


I've been working for the city for almost 6 years and for the past 2 I've been assigned to special community projects with local elected officials. I've mostly loved it for all the education and exposure its given me. I've grown so much as a program & event planner, and I've made a significant impact on our community. I feel I've stepped my game up as a Director and have used this bit of knowledge for the greater good of my agency and anyone else I had the chance to touch. I have a special interest in youth activism and working in this environment certainly shows me how my heartfelt ideas can truly make an impact someday. But there are some times when politics become a pain.


Today for instance, things hit the fan when I was put in a compromising position at work. I had to decide whether or not to take an order which I really didn't feel comfortable with. But what do you do when a professional decision comes to a crossfold with your personal views? Or when you are pinned as the scapegoat in a deeper, bigger issue? Or when you feel your actions as a professional will reflect you personally? And that's when politics becomes a pain. SMH


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