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Phenomenal Woman Seeks Phenomenal Man

I'm a phenomenal woman seeking a phenomenal man

Some say I'll never find him but I know I can

I can find him at work or even at play

Although it's been tough, we'll eventually meet someday

I can find him at the bar or at the park too

But theres some things to keep in mind no matter what I do

I'm a phenomenal woman and what that really means

Is that I'm more than ordinary and much greater than I seem

I can't be eager or move quite too quick

I'm a rare diamond, and no easy pick

My mind is on a mission, I have a heart of gold

#Mypassionispeace no matter how matter how rocky the road

Indeed I am a mother so I can certainly protect

I gave birth to twin boys, so I can multitask in sets

I can cook a meal while I massage your back

I can be a friend and lover, and also bring home checks

I am slightly insecure because I strive to perfect

But that only makes me better 'cause all your flaws, I'll accept

I am extraordinary, I write books and speak and dance

I give my all to the community, at my every chance

I'm a soldier- a survivor, even the ex can't break me down

He tried to leave me lost and lonely, but I turned that fate around

I love to share my heart, with just a simple smile

To care for local youth, and to do it all with style

It took some time to see it, but I finally know my worth

I'm here to soften hearts, and beautify the earth

I'm ready for a love thing that understands this goal

Who matches my intellectual, knows how to play his role

To hold me tight when I need him most

Be by my side as we cruise down the coast

To spend our days having phenomenal times

To show me God's love as I give him all mine



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