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Can One Woman Really Make a Man Happy?

So my girls and I recently had a slumber party and as turnt up as we got staying up all night dancing, drinking, munching, watching movies, and exchanging gifts; we eventually turnt down for some girl chat. The topic of guys came up of course, but a new idea was introduced.


"Do you think one woman can truly make a man happy?" because this statement came from the idea that homosexual relationships are more successful than heterosexual ones. This idea goes as far as to say that dudes treat dudes better in general. She believes they're more loyal to their boys, most trusting, more open, and more willing to go that extra mile for 'em.  Yet, when the time comes for a dude to open his heart up for a woman- by letting her in, trusting her, showing some loyalty and a lil commitment- it just isn't happening as quickly. Dudes are not man-ing up for their women, they're not playing their role as a protector and a provider, nor are they expressing their love (in actions, not just in words). On top of all that, it seems like no matter how many women a man can get with and be with, they just don't seem to ever be satisfied. I've even heard some men say that their marriages are successful because they are able to go out seeking multitudes of other women.


Previously, I posted a video blog stating a few reasons why men have said they aren't "buying what some single ladies are selling". On that list were things like, women aren't supportive enough, they aren't trusting enough, and they have unrealistic expectations for men. Well, what if your woman is supportive, trusting, and actually has realistic expectations for you? Will you be any more faithful, committed, and loving to just her?


Is it really the case that one woman can't please a man? On the show, "The New Atlanta," one guy admits at an all male forum, that it's pretty unlikely that he'll find a woman who can satisfy him physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But are y'all dudes even looking?


Tell us what's up, though? Can one woman really make you happy? Or are yall in need of something we just can't provide? If there's something we're lacking, please say, because most single women can't seem to figure out what...


xoxo DD


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