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The Buzz of Beyoncé, The Lessons of Lemonade

Everyone is obsessing over the buzz from Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album. Her latest audio visual work released at midnight on Sunday April 24, 2016. (FYI I coincidentally hosted a picnic that day at which Lemonade was the talk of the table!) This rampant obsession is not because of her overly clear message on love, respect for oneself, racial equality, or personal growth either. Instead, we just can't get enough of that enticing tea Beyoncé spilled that husband and fellow entertainer- Jay-Z- may have cheated on her.

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With a keen eye, you may notice a variation of symbolic images throughout the visual album. It boasts an assortment of beautiful women representing all ethnic backgrounds, love among individuals of different ages, genders and sexual orientations, costumes fashionably dated back to centuries ago, intricately decorated settings, and makeup artistry that reads of strength among various cultural groups. You may even notice the mothers of sons slain at the hands of the police- Sybrina Fulton, Lezley McSpadden, and Gwen Carr. These women all shared the heartbreaking grief of losing their sons to racial profiling and brutality. In this visual documentation, they were featured alongside Beyoncé herself to spread awareness of the inequality within our legal and justice system for the sake of their children- Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. However, all the naked eye can see in this film is scandal.


While this is an interesting topic and certainly up for discussion, Beyoncé's latest album is not just about cheating. It is about how to deal with a broken heart, repair a home and family, respect yourself, cope with pain, and recover from loss. However, the commercialized artist has been pulled into a superficial realm of tabloid conversation as the world tries to figure out if Jay-Z cheated, when he cheated, and with whom?


I personally do not care to know the gory details. Having listened to the lyrics intently, I simply understand. I empathize with the feelings she expressed in her "Lemonade" album having been through betrayal in a marriage myself. And to be honest, it is quite obvious she experienced an extreme level of pain in her relationship. Some incident had to have driven the Queen Bey to scream out these words, "This is your final warning, Try that ish again, you gon' lose your wife!". A self respecting woman like Bey wouldn't be throwing out empty words as such without the passion to back it up. She doesn't let out much in her interviews as we know, but we can all attest that her music always speaks her truth.


Now, I will never be the one to idolize another being but I have utmost respect for Bey and her expression of womanhood in her music. As a creative artist myself, I feel her passion and her pain. I can see God's love bursting through her and the brutal lessons that accompany it. I am touched by the melody of her soulful sounds and the diversity of her pro-peace movement. Her exhibition of self love and a quality of life is so very relatable to me. I ask that no one knock it until they truly indulge in it. Instead, lend your ear to the lessons of Lemonade and not just to the mainstream propaganda of loose speculation on Beyoncé's marriage. I gave "Lemonade" my undivided attention to capture the silent gems that live within this delectable beverage and realized once again that when life gives you lemons, you've gotta make the best damn lemonade you can!


Here are some words I've always lived by,spoken and sung by Queen Bey through the Lemonade Film. I am so thrilled to share...


"True love doesn't have to hide" -ALL NIGHT


"Stop interrupting my grinding." -SORRY


"She don't gotta give it up 'cause she's professional." -SIX INCH HEELS


"Nothing real can be threatened" -ALL NIGHT


"When did Love become elusive?"


"Too smart to crave materials things." -SIX INCH HEELS


"Daddy made a soldier out of me" -DADDY LESSONS


"I'd trade your broken wings for mine. I've seen your scars and kissed your cries." -ALL NIGHT


"I'm gon' keep on running because a winner don't quit on herself." -FREEDOM


"How do we lead our children to the future? Love. L-O-V-E. Love."


"Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper." -FORMATION


Politics Can Be A Pain

17 Sep 2014


OMG... I don't know when and where I signed up to work in politics but here I am!


I've been working for the city for almost 6 years and for the past 2 I've been assigned to special community projects with local elected officials. I've mostly loved it for all the education and exposure its given me. I've grown so much as a program & event planner, and I've made a significant impact on our community. I feel I've stepped my game up as a Director and have used this bit of knowledge for the greater good of my agency and anyone else I had the chance to touch. I have a special interest in youth activism and working in this environment certainly shows me how my heartfelt ideas can truly make an impact someday. But there are some times when politics become a pain.


Today for instance, things hit the fan when I was put in a compromising position at work. I had to decide whether or not to take an order which I really didn't feel comfortable with. But what do you do when a professional decision comes to a crossfold with your personal views? Or when you are pinned as the scapegoat in a deeper, bigger issue? Or when you feel your actions as a professional will reflect you personally? And that's when politics becomes a pain. SMH

Dear Diary, The Bullying Won't Stop (Volume I)



Dear Diary,              Monday June 19th


I really hate my life!


And I’ve been keeping this old diary ever since my grandparents gave it to me 6 years ago on the Christmas before they died, so now’s a better time than any other to start using it. I’m so fed up with this life of mine and there’s  no one to talk to about it but you.


People on the outside think I’m lucky enough to be living amongst the urban elite in one of the most affluent neighborhoods on Long Island. But Northfield Lane is more than just beautiful homes, manicured lawns, and fancy cars. It’s also about keeping up with the Joneses and keeping your skeletons so deep in the closet that no one can see your struggle or your pain. You should never pout or complain because the way we live is how the rest of the world dreams of living. Yea right!


Our home may be comprised of sun-filled street views, high ceilings, and granite countertops but the curtains were often kept closed, the constant shouting was all that echoed through the halls, and my mother hardly ever cooked on those counters. Living the “good life” was not at all for me what it should‘ve been.


I sometimes watched the kids next door play outside on their porch and I longed to have the genuine smile and laugh they did. Their mothers would come outside with a glass of fruit punch and share some quality time with them. Their fathers would join them for a basketball game or a swing on their swing set. That was not my reality. I didn’t have a loving mother and I had no father period- at least that’s what my mother told me.


She said I was being ungrateful for even asking about him.


“You better be happy you finally got a lil money now and a working brain. Stop worrying about all that other stuff because none of that is gonna get you anywhere in life…” I guess she expected me to be materialistic and vain just because I live amongst people who were. But I’m different and I’ve always known it.


I mean, I appreciate my grandparents working their butts off when they were alive so that we could thrive off their wealth, but I also resent them a bit. They forgot to teach my mother how important it is to love. To them, it was much more important to portray the right image and keep up a good appearance. Well, I’m sick and tired of living the lie of bliss and perfection.


With everything I have to deal with amongst my peers, my mother pretends to be a supportive and comforting single parent when we were out in public; but behind our iron clad French doors, she was just as violent and mean as everyone else. And I can no longer keep up the facade.


It’s time for me to find a way out of this awfully painted picture of a life I’m living or someone is gonna get brutally hurt- and I do mean that literally.


But I’m gonna need you to promise me you’ll keep my secrets because I’m feigning to get some things off my chest. For the longest time, I’ve been letting all this eat me up inside. I haven’t had any friends or family to share this with and it’s finally time I let this all out…


Dear Diary,                Monday June 24th


OMG! Today was officially the worst day of my life!


You wouldn’t believe this, but just a few days before the school year ended, I was chased off the school bus today and left humiliated and scared. This beautiful spring day quickly turned gloomy when I became the target of a group of angry kids.


"Leave me alone!" I pleaded hoping the mean girls from my class would back down. But they were out to get me and they weren’t giving up. So I just kept on running and had no plans of stopping.


This wasn’t the first time I had to face torture from my peers but I damn sure hoped it was my last. It was humiliating being a loner and a punk. But that was me. I come from a beautiful but broken home and moreover, I was feeling broken. Over the past 3 years of junior high, there was nothing I could do to shake the pitiful reputation I had at Northfield Junior High.


Even though the other students had my skin color and came from the same upper middle class neighborhood, they didn’t understand my personal struggles. They didn’t know what it was like to be a slightly introverted 8th grader. To be teased and mistreated on the regular was just an awful way to live. I don’t dress as fly as them or get the kinks straightened out of my hair as often as they do. I have my share of issues at home and just try to focus on my grades when I’m at school. I’ve never had much of a social life and for that reason, I dread each day of school.


So there I was today, just making it through to the end of junior high and I was running for my damn life.


After all the teasing I’d dealt with these past few years from my peers, I thought I could stand up for myself, just this once, and end off the year with a win. It was my final chance to make a statement to the other kids before we all entered high school and I was labeled a punk forever.


So this time, when Dina and her crew tried to cut me on the bus line, I stopped them. I told Dina, “Hey! Wait your turn,” as she pushed past me. She refused, so I put my hand out to stop her and she bumped into my arm.


“I know she did not just touch me!” Dina yelled, not realizing she actually touched me. But I knew she was too ignorant to argue with so I just stepped out the way and allowed her and the others to go ahead. Apparently it was too late, the whole crew was angry with me. They came at me demanding I show some “respect”.


“This chick still don’t know her place?!” someone yelled. “Let’s teach her a lesson once and for all.” She pushed me out of the line and onto the bus shelter in the middle of the sidewalk. The whole group followed. I stumbled a bit as my head hit the cold hard glass. As I stood up and tried to back away, they were eagerly coming at me with clenched fists. I was afraid of what would happen next.


So I ran for my damn life, down the street, through a convenience store front, out through the back door, over someone’s fence and onto an unfamiliar street. But the girls caught up to me and had me cornered. The boys who had followed behind gathered around to watch the beat down of the year.


All I remember was a tug of my shirt, a slap to my face, and a punch to my stomach. By then I was down and out.


As if they hadn't done enough damage, Dina signaled the crew to crowd closer around me. Some of the girls kicked me repeatedly while the others took my book bag and threw all my stuff to the ground. They were having a good ole time, at my expense.


I had actually hoped today would be the end of all the tormenting these kids had put me through over the years. But as I lay on the ground bruised and alone when my attackers ran away, I realized the bullying just won’t stop. L



I lay there for what felt like at least an hour before a fine lookin’ brother helped me up. I couldn’t see clearly through my hazy vision but I do remember the touch of his smooth brown skin and those light brown eyes looking at me with such concern. I finally felt safe as I closed my eyes and passed out in his arms.


Dear Diary,                          Tuesday June 25th


I woke up this morning in excruciating pain. I couldn’t even turn to get out of bed. My stomach felt twisted inside, my face was burning, and I felt stabs of pain throughout my leg. As much as I tried to hold back tears, they came pouring down my face.


I probably needed to go to a hospital but after several visits to the emergency room over the past few years, I knew what I was in store for- long waits, a Band Aid, and a doctor’s note. I was very familiar with the process.


My mother and I had our fights over the years so I was no stranger to the bruises and pain these stupid kids caused me. For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to tell her what happened though. The last time I cried about someone teasing me, she punished me for being soft. I couldn’t imagine what she’d do to me now.


Coming from a single parent home, I know better than to complain to my mother about these things. She busts her tail working at Northfield General Hospital- the largest and highest rated health facility in our area- as a Nurse practitioner; so I have always appreciated the basic things she provides.


Love, style, and a peaceful life just weren’t any one of them. So I knew I’d have to find those things elsewhere.


Of course it hurts me that I’m judged based on my appearance alone, but I know I’m a damn good person and one day people are gonna look deeper and realize that. Too bad today ain’t that day.


And you know what, my grandmother prepared me for that rude awakening. She used to tell me to “always dress the part” and “look the way you want to be looked at”. But my mother never allowed me to get the gear needed to carry out the right image. She actually prefers me suffering and enjoys witnessing my failure. It gave her the ammo she needed to put me down.  It seemed like that’s all that made her feel good. So I just deal with it.


Then at school, it’s no better. My classmates have always made it clear how little they think of me and sometimes their awful words spoke louder than their cruel actions.


“Rat face! Twig legs! Flatty Patty!” the boys shout at me from time to time referring to my mouse-shaped ears, long skinny legs, and small boobs.


“Geek! Plain Jane! Loser!” The girls would say referencing my rare intellect, my less than stylish clothing, and lack of social status.


These kids hated me for not having the values they had. They didn’t like that I didn’t focus on fashion, status, and beauty… probably because that was where all their power resided.


So as you know, this last week of school was pure torture. As ecstatic as I was about ending this awful chapter of my life- junior high- I couldn’t enjoy it. There was always someone trying to mess with me.


But I tried to stay hopeful as I swallowed 2 of the painkillers I hid under my queen sized mattress. 


I just can’t wait for these pills to kick in so I could go to sleep and escape my pain. Because at this point, life can’t get any worse.


Dear Diary,                Wednesday June 26th


What was I saying before? It couldn’t get any worse? Well I for damn sure lied.


I decided not to go to school for the last few days. I mean, it’s the last days of school and we’re not learning anything anyhow. Well, my mother had a lesson waiting for me when she came home from work today.


Apparently the school called to let her know I hadn’t picked up my report card today. Dammit! I completely forgot about that. The last day of school came quicker than I realized. So she was pissed!


As good as I got at keeping it a secret from her, it was time to tell my mother about my fight. I started to explain to her how wounded I was from this fight—matter of fact—the beat down, and all she could say was, “Your punk self let those damn kids fight you?!” She wasn't the least bit concerned about the pain I was in or the torture I had endured.


“Ma, don’t you care that them kids came running after me for no reason?” I pleaded for her to understand. “They caught up to me, stole my book bag, and beat me nearly to death!”


It was awful just thinking back about it. The punches, the kicking, and the embarrassment I faced as I lay on the dirty ground. It was the worst beating I had ever gotten, and that's saying a lot.


Until this moment, I had no one to confide in about this awful event. Telling my mother should have been a relief. But she didn’t have even an ounce of empathy.


“You stay letting people come at you and you don’t do nothing about it! That’s your own damn fault! When’s your weak self gonna learn to defend yourself?!” My mother spoke to me with rage.


“How can you blame me for this, ma? They’re always messin’ with me and I don’t know the first thing about defending myself.” She looked back at me with both anger and disgrace then smacked me straight across my face with the back of her hand.


“Little girl, I done taught you everything you need to know.”


I guess she expected that after years of taking her beatings, I would have learned to fight back. But instead, I was just beaten down and left defeated. All I wanted was a little peace in my life.


I stood there with both pain and shock. It had been a while since she hit me like that. Just as I was recovering, she came back and slapped me again, this time on my other cheek.


“That’s for cutting school,” she said. “You do that again , it’s gon’ be fire to your behind!”


“But ma, I was hurt,” I cried. But she didn’t even care one bit.


“Get over it!" She turned to leave the room. "On Monday you gon’ have to go and get me that report card so you better dry those tears and suck up your little pain.”


I knew there was nothing more I could say. I had to obey her or else. I knew what was coming for me.


My mother had some anger so deeply rooted inside her that clouded her vision of any happiness. She didn’t date and never really hung out with friends. She only enjoyed using me as a punching bag and I couldn’t stop her. For a beautiful curvy woman, she sure knew how to display the ugly she had inside. I’ve always longed for her and I to get along. I mean, every girl wants a mother they could talk to. But I was outta luck on that. All she wanted to do with me is fight.


I’ve always tried to figure her out- but at 13, there’s no reason I could come up with to explain the hatred she had for me. All I ever wanted was to be loved.


I’m her only child—her only family. Her only anything. I should be everything to my mom but she treated me like I was nothing. And at the end of a day like this—that’s exactly how I felt.


Dear Diary,                      Thursday June 27th


My mother drove me to school today and waited outside while I picked up my report card. As I was leaving her car, she hissed at me, “you had better had got all A’s.”


And I knew that’s exactly what she was expecting. But I was afraid I didn’t get it this time. All year long, I sat in front of a boy in math that teased me. Tyrone always whispered weird mean things in my ear when I tried to raise my hand and ask a question.


“A smarty pants with all the stupidest questions,” and “Only losers actually want to learn,” he would say.


He pulled my hair and made itchy, scratchy noises whenever I touched my hair myself.


It was so intimidating and the teacher didn’t give a damn about how I felt. I had been trying to get my seat changed the whole year and she insisted the seating chart was “strategically done to benefit the whole class and not just one person.” I mean, would it have been so hard to put all the troublemakers on one side of the room and those who wanted to learn at the other?


I even told my mother about the issues I was having and she thought I was being petty complaining about a “stupid little boy who probably had a stupid little crush.” But I knew well enough, Tyrone didn’t like me one bit and neither did any of his friends.


Then in science, I had the popular girls threatening me not to get a perfect score and mess up the curve “or else”. It hurt my core daily. Tyrone and the others messed with my social life, my self-esteem, and even the one thing I thought no one could ever take away from me—my ability to learn.


So I didn’t need to see my report card to know there would be at least one or two A’s missing from it.


When I walked into the classroom, my homeroom teacher, Ms. Grimmer handed it to me with a look of disappointment in her eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was because I’d cut a few days of school or because my report card was less than she expected of me, so I asked.


“Is something wrong, Ms. Grimmer?”


“Honestly, Patricia, I wanted to ask you the same,” she looked at me with seriousness. “This was one of your worst reports ever. Is something happening at home?”


“Well Ms. Grimmer,” I decided to tell her half the truth. “It’s not so much home as it’s been school, recess, and the bus rides home. All the other kids hate me. No one wants to be my friend. Everyone teases me,” I expressed to her.


She seemed surprised at how honest I’d been.


“Well, I’m sure all you kids have your individual challenges. Some choose to deal with it by ignoring it and some of you take it out on others.”


“That’s not fair. Isn’t that bullying?” I asked.


“I guess you can call it that,” she replied. “But you can't blame anyone for your falling grades. You’re the one who made these things affect your schoolwork and that’s the sad part. You had so much potential.”


She was blaming me now! Did she not know what the teasing and threats did to a person? After opening up to her, I realized she didn’t understand me one bit. She was basically telling me it was my fault for being affected by the constant torture. She sounded just like my mother.


How could they blame me for the awful way people treated me?! I didn’t deserve this.


They believed it was okay to allow my classmates to mistreat me this way? And that bullying was a simple little thing I had to just get over?


I heard enough. I took my report card from her and received my grades. I got three A’s, two B’s, and two C’s. This certainly wasn’t good enough for my mother or my teachers but after the tumultuous year I just had, it was good enough for me.


I forced a smile and just thanked Ms. Grimmer then wished her a great summer. There was no use hanging around any longer.


As I’m walking out she says, “Good luck in high school, Patricia. There are bigger problems and tougher kids. Better learn how to adapt now.”


Her words stung me just to think about the next four years being any worse that the past three. I had to make a conscience decision to make things better. I couldn’t let another person affect me the way Tyrone, Dina, and the others had this year.


As I walked outside to the car, I dreaded showing the report card and explaining it to my mother. I was afraid of what she would say and even worse… what she would do.


Dear Diary,                      Wednesday June 28th


My mother didn’t take the report card too well. 


While in the car yesterday, she played it off cool. It was like it didn’t even matter. I passed her my report card, she glanced at it briefly and threw it back at me. She had to rush off to work so she dropped me home with the quickness.


But when she got home this morning, it was a whole other story. She woke me up at two in the morning and asked me to show her the report card again.


I was deep in my slumber when she came in but I still conjured up the strength to obey my mother’s wishes. She takes the paper from me and looks at my grades in awe as if it was her first time seeing it.


Then she made me read the grades aloud to her, although she had already seen it. But I knew what this was. She had a bad day and was trying to pick a fight.


“I just don’t understand, Patricia. Why the hell you getting C’s all of a sudden?”


“Well ma,” if she really wanted to know, I decided to tell her. "I haven’t been able to concentrate this year. The kids have been teasing me and threatening me and it’s been a huge distraction.” I tried to hold back tears because that would be the ultimate sign of weakness in the presence of my mom.


“You mean to tell me, you’re letting them kids affect your grades now? Dammit Patricia! If you can’t keep your grades on point, what the hell am I gonna do with you? " she yelled.


“Ma, I’m gonna start over. I know I can do better. Please give me a chance. I’m sorry." I begged for her forgiveness. As much as it hurt to hear her say it, it was true. All I have in my favor is getting good grades and I was letting that falter too.


My mother sat down on my bed shaking her head with disgrace. “You always so damn sorry. Your weak behind is always letting people get the best of you. First you let them kids chase you down and punk you on the bus, now you telling me they’re threatening your schoolwork. You’re hopeless.”


“I’m sorry ma. Maybe if daddy was around…”


“Why the hell you bringing up your father?!“ she interrupted angrily. ”I done told you, you don’t got one.”


“Ma, I gotta have one. Why can’t you tell me something about him? Anything?” I asked.


She turned around and swung her hands in my face. Yet another blow to my cheek for the week and it stung bad.


“Like I said, ‘you don’t got one’. And with the mess you be putting me through, you don’t deserve one either.” That wasn’t the first time she dodged questions I asked about my dad. It was risky every time I tried. But how could I not?


She got up to leave my room but not before giving me her last and final order. “Tomorrow you better clean this house top to bottom. Better believe you ain’t sitting on your ass all summer long doing nothin.”


“Yes, ma’am,” I obeyed.



Phenomenal Woman Seeks Phenomenal Man

I'm a phenomenal woman seeking a phenomenal man

Some say I'll never find him but I know I can

I can find him at work or even at play

Although it's been tough, we'll eventually meet someday

I can find him at the bar or at the park too

But theres some things to keep in mind no matter what I do

I'm a phenomenal woman and what that really means

Is that I'm more than ordinary and much greater than I seem

I can't be eager or move quite too quick

I'm a rare diamond, and no easy pick

My mind is on a mission, I have a heart of gold

#Mypassionispeace no matter how matter how rocky the road

Indeed I am a mother so I can certainly protect

I gave birth to twin boys, so I can multitask in sets

I can cook a meal while I massage your back

I can be a friend and lover, and also bring home checks

I am slightly insecure because I strive to perfect

But that only makes me better 'cause all your flaws, I'll accept

I am extraordinary, I write books and speak and dance

I give my all to the community, at my every chance

I'm a soldier- a survivor, even the ex can't break me down

He tried to leave me lost and lonely, but I turned that fate around

I love to share my heart, with just a simple smile

To care for local youth, and to do it all with style

It took some time to see it, but I finally know my worth

I'm here to soften hearts, and beautify the earth

I'm ready for a love thing that understands this goal

Who matches my intellectual, knows how to play his role

To hold me tight when I need him most

Be by my side as we cruise down the coast

To spend our days having phenomenal times

To show me God's love as I give him all mine


Dear Diary, Separated & It Feels So Good

Dear Diary,


Is the cat out the bag yet?


Me and my hubby are officially divorced.  And yes of course there's a certain level of pain you experience when you love someone unconditionally and the love is lost, but I can honestly say, it's for the best. It's been 2 years since we sat down and decided we needed a break. For over 6 years we had been consistently together, embarking on a life full of love and bliss, but somewhere along the way, we grew apart.

I'm not gonna blame anyone in particular for nature running it's course, but I can issue some things I learned about choosing a partner for myself in the future.


1) He must be strong, physically & mentally

2) He must have a spiritual connection with God

3) He must be smart and educated

4) He must be ambitious

5) He must be able to communicate well

6) He must be able to control his anger and emotions

7) He must have family values in place and have the desire to build one of his own

8) He must be a team player, a partner, and offer support

9) He must be a protector of his woman and his family

10) He must be a real man, full of love, strength, and honesty


I crave these qualities because I didn't have them in my marriage. I lacked so many things in my past relationship and foolishly allowed myself to believe lies and empty promises. I was holding on so tightly to an image of hope and the anticipation of a love that never existed. I was young and dumb and oh so ready in the past. I will no longer allow myself to ignore the signs of abuse in any shape or form.


So when I say, I'm seperated and it feels so good, I'm expressing my freedom. I'm not indulging in the negative state of mind he threw me in but instead taking ownership of my pain and building upon it. I'm re-defining myself and showing the world I'm more than just his wife. I have limitless dreams and wide ranging abilities. I'm taking the lessons learned and moving right along. I'm acknowledging my flaws and embarking on a new journey. I'm letting it be known that I did love and yes I lost my man. But the cheating and trickery within a relationship is not at all worth sticking around for. His constant bashing of my thoughts and ideas will stop me no more. When someone loves you, really loves you unconditionally, it should be an effortless bonding experience. Stop holding on to someone who is willing to let you go. Find someone who truly cares and the bliss of it will be oozing out of you skin. If separation is what it takes to find my true happiness, I'm ready to break free. Love for self is often overlooked but I'm finally feeling it and feeling so good. :-)

My 30th Birthday Las Vegas Getaway!



As much as I work, y'all already know how much I love to play! This year I'm turning 30 and taking a break from the grind to hang out in Las Vegas, Nevada... And you're invited to come along for a fun-filled relaxing yet wild ride!

As of now, the trip will be 4 days, 3 nights Tuesday June 30-Friday July 3.

It will cost $575 per person for flight & hotel, all taxes and fees included. But if you wanna lock it down as that price, I'll need at $100 deposits by April 10. That gives 3 weeks to decide, get your money, choose a roommate or let me know if you need one, and quickpay me (using my # 917.518.0720 or my email delicia.davis@aol.com) You're welcome to bring a friend, family member or significant other who knows how to chill back, relax, and have a good time. Total balance will be due by Friday May 22.

Resort TBD

Flight TBD

Tentative Agenda
(No one is obliged to stick it to it, btw!)

Day 1, Tuesday June 30 - Chill, Eat, Walk the Strip, Site See, Club Hop

Day 2, Wednesday July 1 (My & Jessica D's Birthday!!)- Spa Day, Relax, Special Dinner Celebration, & Party

Day 3, Thursday July 2- Shop, Chill by the Poolside, Attend a Nighttime Show, Turn Up time, Club Hop 

Day 4, Friday July 3- Empowerment Breakfast, Souvenier Shop, Recap & Pack

Confessions of a Single Girl

Okay, I've been single for long enough. And I never thought I'd ever be about this life, but after 11 years in back to back relationships, then a year and a half passed from splitting with my ex, I realized I'm here and still happy. But I've got some things to confess...


Now that most the wounds have healed, my new reality has set in and I'm loving it, so I'm not holding back nor giving a damn what anyone thinks.


Dating has been adventurous for me but a bit tedious at the same time. I love getting out there and meeting people, getting to know new characteristics and opening up my heart and mind to new experiences. I live for strong social connections and positive influences. But it wasn't long before I realized, the dating game has changed since my teenage years when I was last single. Thing is though, my needs as a woman, hasn't so much. And I'm not at all willing to compromise my needs and desires to accommodate today's notion of "bae's" and "boo thangs" when I deserve true love and satisfaction.


So I've been dating for the past year, and oh boy have I kissed some frogs. Some were grimey, slimey even; but I can't front, there's been some passionate and satisfying ones too. I've given chances to some of the most intelligent, handsomest, fun, and freaky guys I could ever meet. And the fun doesn't stop there... It's like everyday I meet someone new. But I have yet to find what I'm looking for- a mature man with his personal values in place, his career on the move, his body on point, and his masculinity in check. Oh and most importantly- both emotionally and physically available to me.  Basically, someone who presents himself to be the male equivalent of myself. I know I'm a one of a kind woman though- and finding that one of a kind man is gonna be difficult but damn are there no strong honest hardworking men around anymore? Oh and single men please...


I guess I missed the train that stopped and let off all the decent men while I was wifed up for the past 7 years SMH. Now that I'm available, everyone's just beginning their lives, having kids, finding love and experiencing all that brand new bliss. Either that, or they're basking in the turn-up season sun and are no where near ready to settle down or in other words, turn down for what..? And I'm no hater, I know how to make the most of a great experience. I can always enjoy the good times and quickly let the bad ones go...


But anyway, about this dating game- I'm a bit over it but I'll continue to indulge. There's so much to learn about myself and men as I casually date. I've made some mistakes as I will continue to do and I've learned some lessons. I've given too much and I've given not enough. At times I've been excited and others I've been frustrated, I've felt proud and I've felt down. I've gotten more selective with my dating options though and have started to become much more clear about what I want. I learned to take the positive lessons and experiences from each guy, exit left when I notice too many negatives, and move forward when the time is right. I even learned how to balance out the give and take of dating- and even decided to abstain until I've found that one man who deserves all of me.


My friends tell me I need to take time for myself, coming out of a divorce and all but hellooo... I was single and to myself for 6 months after the breakup... Which is a lifetime for a gal like me. My hearts too big and I've got too much love in me to be alone. So dating and social encounters are just a part of my life. It's who I am and I can't stop the dude flow even if I try. At work or at play, guys can't resist me... & even some girls (pause tho). I'm fun, and intelligent, I turn way up and know when to turn down. I love a variety of spontaneous experiences and know how to party. I'm that loyal chick and the ride or die. I pretty selective about who I spent time on and have extremely high standards so if you get a chance to hang with me, you must feel like a winner.


I must confess to you though- sometimes all you get is one chance. I just don't entertain BS characters for long. If I find that you have ill intent or hate in your blood, your goals don't meet or match mine, you add no value to my life, or have the potential to bring me down in any kinda way- I cut the cord quick. Block, delete, ignore, whatever I've got to do to free myself from the toxicity. And that goes for chicks and so called friends too. Don't waste my valuable time.


I'd love to share more with you- as I will- but I'm off to work now. Gotta get myself and my boys ready to head out. I'll be keeping up with my diary discussions as best as I can though, so come back for more of my juicy exploitations. XOXO,


Breaking Through A Break-up


For the past several years, I considered myself a happily married woman. I had a hardworking husband, twin sons, and a beautiful home to call our own. I was full of life and packed with limitless dreams. I worked full time and started a business, hoping my family would someday build an empire together. My ex and I met in our early twenties and got married within 3 years. We hosted lots of parties, took many vacations, and were always on social media being tagged in the cutest of photos. I thought we were in love, but really, I was becoming comfortable with life as we knew it. But the day came when I realized, my comfort did not match my fulfillment.
Don't get me wrong though, I married for all the right reasons. I was soooo in love. But the person I fell in love with was not the person I married. I was fooled into thinking I was with someone who had the same spiritual, emotional, and intellectual goals as I did. A dude who truly valued his family and would put his woman first. Someone who had the strength and drive I so much admired in a man. But so it wasn't so and when times got tough, I found myself pulling too much weight and often fighting to keep it together all on my own. I had never been the type to give up, and never on my man but as I was growing more and more concerned about his feelings, mine were getting brutally hurt. And as much love as I possessed in my heart for my husband, I was not feeling loved, comforted, or supported back. I didn't feel my ideas were being valued and at times, my kindness was being taken for weakness. I was being silently abused and openly ridiculed. Finally, my intuitions became clear and my heart was eventually broken.
After reaching my breaking point, and finding out about the betrayal and dishonesty within my marriage, I was happy to let it all go. I knew I'd be viewed as a failure in many eyes, but in my own, I saw strength. I no longer wanted to live a lie. I couldn't fight for a love that didn't exist, nor could I continue to live without the true happiness I deserve.
It didn't take long for me to see, my ex-husband was not the source of my love, strength or happiness all along. I never really had his support anyway. He didn't appreciate my mind and devalued my heart. He didn't express himself to me or open up enough to truly know and understand me. I had fallen into a place where I forced the image in my mind to match the image in my heart, but in reality, it wasn't so. When I finally saw the truth, it hurt me deeply, but I was not going to let myself break. Within the beginnings of our divorce, I felt so alone, so weak, and so worthless. Everything I prided myself on- having a loving family and a happy home- was seemingly gone. But my love for self wasn't going anywhere.
I knew what I was capable of and I was determined not to let anyone take that willpower away. Within that first year as a single woman, I was able to complete and publish my first book. I was recognized by lots of organizations for speaking up against bullying. My experiences inspired hundreds of youth as I toured around NYC sharing profound messages about self esteem and against violence. I was given a chance to spend much needed personal time with friends, family, and my sons. I even got to experience the dating scene for the first time in my adult life, (I had been in a relationship for 11 years!) Overall, I found myself. I found my strength, my true character, my love, my bliss, and my faith and didn't need anyone but God's assistance in doing so. I actually had thought my life was ending with this break-up but instead, I made an amazing breakthrough.

My Summer Bucket List 2014

1. Lay out on a boat deck
2. Get a new man
3. Fly my boys on a plane
4. Try a new thing
5. Kiss a celeb
6. Get my new tattoo
7. Throw the most extravagant book party (on June 27)
8. Have a Queens event go Central (work stuff)
9. Be on time for everything
10. Buy a trampoline
11. Publish my boys first book
12. Be on a reality show
13. Race at a race track << bad luck or nah?
14. Ride a motorcycle
15. Take a surfing lesson
16. Take a road trip with my framily
17. Play golf
18. Gain 10 lbs
19. Potty train the boys
20. Wear a bikini confidently for the first time since having kids


What's yours?

Send your accomplished ones to me on twttr & the gram all summer long #summerbucketlist @thedolldiva

Can One Woman Really Make a Man Happy?

So my girls and I recently had a slumber party and as turnt up as we got staying up all night dancing, drinking, munching, watching movies, and exchanging gifts; we eventually turnt down for some girl chat. The topic of guys came up of course, but a new idea was introduced.


"Do you think one woman can truly make a man happy?" because this statement came from the idea that homosexual relationships are more successful than heterosexual ones. This idea goes as far as to say that dudes treat dudes better in general. She believes they're more loyal to their boys, most trusting, more open, and more willing to go that extra mile for 'em.  Yet, when the time comes for a dude to open his heart up for a woman- by letting her in, trusting her, showing some loyalty and a lil commitment- it just isn't happening as quickly. Dudes are not man-ing up for their women, they're not playing their role as a protector and a provider, nor are they expressing their love (in actions, not just in words). On top of all that, it seems like no matter how many women a man can get with and be with, they just don't seem to ever be satisfied. I've even heard some men say that their marriages are successful because they are able to go out seeking multitudes of other women.


Previously, I posted a video blog stating a few reasons why men have said they aren't "buying what some single ladies are selling". On that list were things like, women aren't supportive enough, they aren't trusting enough, and they have unrealistic expectations for men. Well, what if your woman is supportive, trusting, and actually has realistic expectations for you? Will you be any more faithful, committed, and loving to just her?


Is it really the case that one woman can't please a man? On the show, "The New Atlanta," one guy admits at an all male forum, that it's pretty unlikely that he'll find a woman who can satisfy him physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. But are y'all dudes even looking?


Tell us what's up, though? Can one woman really make you happy? Or are yall in need of something we just can't provide? If there's something we're lacking, please say, because most single women can't seem to figure out what...


xoxo DD


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